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What is Heat Therapy Patch?

Heat Therapy Patch is a product to be applied to your body and relieves pain from the applied part with heat. Heat is generated by the oxidation of iron powder with some other ingredients in the patch.


Our heat patch is manufactured at our experienced factory. The quality is strictly controlled thus we could provide you good product. Main features are as follows.

1. Thin & Flexible:

Itfs very thin and flexible so you can easily apply it on your skin.

2. Odorless & Drug-free:

It has no smell and no drug so you donft feel uncomfortable when you use it.

3. Stable Heat:

The temperature is controlled. After open the outer pouch the product starts getting warm in 5 minutes and keeps warm for about 8 hours.

4. Easy to Use:

No need for any specific tool or technic. All you need to do is just to open the outer pouch, remove the protective film, and apply it on your skin directly.

5. Made in Japan:

We know some similar products are mostly made in China because the cost would be cheaper. But donft you care the quality? Our product is manufactured in Japan by Japanese engineer so we can assure you the good quality with confidence.

What Can Heat Therapy Patch Do?

Heat Therapy Patch can provide you relief from chronical pain, muscle fatigue, and muscle or joint stiffness and pain. If you feel any of them, just apply the heat patch on the part you felt any. Then youfll get relax and relief from those problems.

Why Does Heat Relieve Pain?

When you feel stiffness or pain on your muscle, it means that your blood flow is not working well. Heat helps the blood vessels expand which in turn increases the flow of oxygen to the affected area. This increased blood flow provides lots of nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area thus it helps healing and regeneration of the damaged part.

Portfolio & Specification

ProductRegularMiniLargeJelly BeanWing
Size130 x 95mm95 x 70mm265 x 95mm295 x 100mm146 x 103mm
TemperatureApprox. 41ŽApprox. 41ŽApprox. 41ŽApprox. 41ŽApprox. 41Ž
Duration8 hours8 hours8 hours8 hours8 hours
Shelf Life2-3 years2-3 years2-3 years2-3 years2-3 years
Raw MaterialsIron powder, Water, Activated carbon, Vermiculite, Potassium Chloride

How to Use

1. Open the outer pouch and take the patch out.
2. Remove protective film.
3. Clean the part youfre going to apply the patch.
4. Apply it to the part you feel uncomfortable.
5. Peel off slowly when removing it.

Do Not Use

- While asleep or with pressured.
- If you are diabetic or pregnant.
- On the same area for more than 8 hours in any 24 hour period.
- On damaged areas like bruising, swelling, or broken skin.
- With any other skin medications or heat sources.
- On infants, children, or person who cannot remove the product on their own.

Storage and Handling

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat.


After use, dispose in normal household waste. (Follow the instruction of local government)